Kieran Campbell Lab Toronto


PhD positions
Graduate students can join the lab via the Computational Biology in Molecular Genetics track of the University of Toronto Molecular Genetics PhD program or the Department of Statistical Sciences. Applicants with a quantitative background and/or prior quantitative experience are highly preferred. Possible PhD topics include:
  • Identifying signatures of cancer progression from spatial 'omics data
  • Deep learning approaches to integrate imaging and transcriptomics data
  • Machine learning modelling of cell types across multimodal data
If you are interested in joining please reach out via email. Please be sure to detail your interests and experience in quantitative analysis of biomedical data (i.e. that with a computer science / statistics / machine learning component). Unfortunately we cannot respond to all emails.
BCB330 / BCB430 students
Please email Kieran if you are interested in joining the lab for a BCB330/430 course.