Kieran Campbell Lab Toronto


PhD positions
If you are interested in PhD positions in the lab, please apply to the Computational Biology in Molecular Genetics track of the University of Toronto Molecular Genetics PhD program. Applicants with a quantitative background and/or prior quantitative experience are highly preferred. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss more. The next deadline is May 1st 2020. Possible PhD topics include:
  • Identifying signatures of cancer progression from spatial 'omics data
  • Deep learning approaches to integrate imaging and transcriptomics data
  • Machine learning modelling of cell types across multimodal data
BCB330 / BCB430 students
The lab accepts applications for BCB330/430 projects. If you are interested, please email Kieran with
  1. Your CV
  2. Your research interests in bioinfomatics
  3. The semester(s) in which you would like to join the lab
Postdoctoral fellowships
I have postdoc positions available for applications of statistical machine learning in biomedicine. Please get in touch if interested.