Kieran Campbell Lab Toronto

Advanced Computational Biology I-II (2021)

Graduate course, Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto. Note: only lectures given by me are listed below.

  • [1.1.2] An introduction to reproducible computational research [slides]
    • Why work reproducibly?
    • Pseudorandom number generation and seeds
    • An introduction to Snakemake
  • [1.3.2] An introduction to supervised machine learning [slides]
    • An overview of supervised learning
    • Linear regression models
    • Loss optimization via gradient descent
    • Classification with logistic regression
    • More complex models
    • Train/test splits
    • Model complexity: overfitting and underfitting
    • Penalized regression
  • [2.1] Unsupervised learning [slides]
  • [2.4.1] Bayesian inference [slides]
  • [2.4.2] An introduction to deep learning [slides]